Women in Science

Much like science, history is cumulative. History is passed down in stories in order to be remembered, honored, and learned from. In the tradition of the historical female pioneers of science such as Marie Curie, Barbara McClintock, Dorothy Hodgkin, Rosalind Franklin, Jane Goodall and many more, we celebrate our Women in Science with profiles describing their paths to scientific studies and the heart of their passion for the disciplines they practice. Each has a different story, and some provide advice for up and coming women contemplating a career in science.

Here are their stories.

Giorgia Marucci

Giorgia Marucci

Spectroscopist’s path inspired by unlikely field

Giorgia Marucci was torn between to disparate fields ― art and science. But a university experience melded the two, and ignited her passions for STEM.

Horse lover turns to blood science

“The world of science is constantly evolving. It's always changing and we're always learning,” she said. “It doesn't stay the same. There's always something more to know, and something that can help us in terms of healthcare, particularly.”

Life sciences expert making a difference

As a little girl, Linda Kidder would visit her grandmother’s farm in rural Pennsylvania. One with barns, machinery, and an assortment of animals.

Scientist Blazes Many Trails

Mandy Campbell

By day, Mandy Campbell is a scientist. She’s a biomedical scientist in fact, who helps diagnose and find cures for diseases.

But by night, she’s a biker chick.

Regenerative Medicine Drives a Career in Science

“This experience made me interested in regeneration. It continuously occurs in our body,” Sakiko said. “This is my motivation for my job.”

Television and Mentors Launch Engineering Career

Women in Science Atsuko Yano

As a young child growing up in Kyoto, Japan, Atsuko Yano would watch a television series called the NHK Special. 

Gender Bias Fuels German Scientist

Ruth Geiger, Ph.D, runs scientific businesses in Germany and France. She was born and raised in Nürnberg, Germany. Her father’s side was filled with members working in the natural sciences.

Friend’s Accident Steers Biologist/Chemist to New Field

Woman in Science Amy Mirchandani

Amy Mirchandani, a HORIBA sales engineer, completed a circle when she went to work in the sciences.

"Ice City" Turns Out an Applications Scientist

Woman in Science Amy Hou

Amy Hou was born in Harbin, a beautiful city in Northeast China. It is known as “Ice City,” and it holds a famous annual winter festival with snow and ice sculptures. 

From Counting Beans to Tallying Photons

Woman in Science Kulwinder Sagoo

Growing up, Kulwinder Sagoo thought her best career choice was in accounting.

Watchmaker’s Granddaughter Talks in Code

Women in Science Pamela Johnstone

When she was younger, Johnstone liked taking things apart to see how they worked. She was always helping her dad fix things.

Rainbows Inspire an Inquisitive Mind

Women in Science Nikki Kuhar

Logic and rainbows. That’s what got Nikki Kuhar, also known as Nikki K., started down the path of science.

Farmer Cultivates Life in the Sciences

Women in Science Sofia Gaiaschi

HORIBA applications scientist Sofia Gaiaschi grew up in a small village in the east suburbs of Milan, Italy. The kind of village where everyone knows everyone else.

Female Power

Women in Science: Michelle Sestak

Michelle Sestak always liked to tinker with things. Even if it was just assembling a piece of furniture, she had a constant curiosity about the way things worked.

Housebuilder Becomes Nanostructure Creator

Woman in Science Audrey Laird

Not many people can say their work is used in outer space. But Audrey Liard Cloup can.

From Playing Musical Notes to Creating Technology

Women in Science: Cecile Lerondeau

When she was 15 years old, Cécile Lerondeau wanted to be a musician.

Physicist a Determined but Peaceful Woman

Women in Science: Valérie Paret

Now, Valérie Paret, Ph.D., will soon add a new title to her name – black belt.

Science is in Her Blood

Women in Science: Li Yan

Li Yan grew up in a petrochemical town in Hunan Providence in southern China.

Finding the Science Gene in Utopia

Women in Science: May Tong

It is an old Chinese saying.  If there is a paradise in the heavens, you will find it on earth in Hangzhou.

Like Father Like Daughter

Women in Science: Xinhua Pan

She is HORIBA Scientific’s Applications Specialist for the company’s Optical Spectroscopy Division.

Still Waters Run Deep

Women in Science: Linxi Chen

Linxi Chen grew up in the river-rich city of Wuhan in Central China. It features the country’s longest waterway, the Yangtze, which translates to “long river.”

Her Father’s Daughter

Women in Science: Susan Maher

Kurt Lehovec had a background in physics and material science. European-born, he passed his passion for the sciences onto his daughter Susan.

Born to Raman

Women in Science: Bridget O'Donnel

It wasn’t until her visits to the Franklin Institute Science Museum in Philadelphia that she truly discovered her interest in science.

Science Was in The Cards

Women in Science: Beth Finamore

Beth Finamore had an inkling the sciences were in her future at an early age.

Scientist Born of Curiosity

Women in Science: Nassim Rahimi

The seeds of science for Nassim Rahimi were planted in her home in the arid, sunny climate of Tehran, Iran.

Chasing a Cure

Women in Science: Karen Gall

During the summers, Karen Steege Gall’s mother, a first grade teacher, led a family science course. Fourth-graders and their families would attend. Karen sat in at times too.

Curiosity Shapes Scientist at Young Age

Women in Science: Marinella Sandros

A small girl from the Middle East learns her love of science, passion for biomedical engineering and a way to help others see interactions on an elemental scale.

A Scientist First

Women in Science: Fran Adar

Growing up in Philadelphia, Fran Adar liked to read and play the piano. But it wasn’t until high school chemistry, when she first saw the Periodic Table of Elements, that Adar found her true passion.

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