Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzers

In addition to simultaneously and continuously measuring CO, CO2 , T/HC, CH4 , NOX and O2 concentrations in engine emissions, these analyzers offer outstanding flexibility, making them adaptable to a wide range of needs.

Driveline Test Systems

The driveline is an extremely important powertrain component that transmits energy from engines or motors to the vehicles’ tires. HORIBA’s driveline test systems use the latest simulation technology for applications in all types of driveline testing. This is HORIBA’s strength; demonstrated by providing flexible systems for all applications.

Engine Test Systems

These systems are used for a wide variety of tests on engines and canintegrate a large range of instrumentation for exhaust gas emissions and performance assessments. Within the typical small space of an engine testcell, these systems can simulate the worst operating conditions that an engine might experience in any application.

Automatic Engine Measurement Control Systems

Designed for engine performance testing and on-chassis testing, these systems offer a broad range of features, including automated operation, data collection and computation.


CO and HC Analyzers

These analyzers are designed to measure the level of CO, HC and other gases found in automobile engine exhaust for engine tuning and inspection purposes, and are used widely in garages and service stations.


Chassis Dynamometer

Precisely simulates road conditions by controlling inertia and road load while a vehicle is driven on 48-inch diameter (1219 mm) rolls.


On–Board Emissions Measurement Systems

In addition to continuously measuring the CO, CO2, HC, NOX and A/F produced by a moving vehicle, the OBS–1000 system can also calculate the weight of exhaust gas generated per unit of distance and the fuel consumption rate. It also includes position data and a comprehensive overview of the driving environment in real time.

High Sensitivity Continuous PM Measurement Systems

These analyzers can measure in real time super-low particulate matter (PM) included in emission gases from diesel engines and analyze PM production trends during engine operation under strenuous conditions. They contribute to a wide range of applications from optimized engines to maintenance systems for every kind of PM.