pH meter

HORIBA has been recognized as one of the top pH meter brands since its development
of Japan’s first glass electrode pH meter in the 1950’s. HORIBA offers a full pH product line-up to satisfy varied customer needs: from desk-top models to support laboratory research to rugged
instruments for field use to measure river water, groundwater, and waste water.

X-Ray Analytical Microscopes

These newly developed X-ray microscopes make it possible to analyze the elemental distribution and transmission of X-ray images under atmospheric pressure. They were made possible with the invention of an X-ray guide tube with a beam having a diameter less than 10μm. These are optimal X-ray analytical microscopes for WEEE/RoHS/ELV Directives. Eco-friendly versions that do not use liquid nitrogen are also available.

Particle Size Distribution Analyzers

These instruments are capable of analyzing particles with a wide range of diameters (0.01μm to 3,000μm), and realize operating speeds four times faster than those of existing analyzers. They offer a higher level of guaranteed precision, a world-first for this class of instrument.


Monochromators are instruments for resolving lights and recording as spectrum. HORIBA JOBIN YVON's monochromators and CCD detectors are used in a broad range of areas including plasma emission spectroscopy, fluorescence spectra measurements, and image spectroscopy, as well as quality control and production management, responding to various user needs. Gratings are main parts of monochromators and HORIBA JOBIN YVON is the only manufacturer capable of manufacturing gratings ranging from extreme ultraviolet to far-infrared.

Raman Spectrophotometer

Raman spectroscopy has been drawing much attention with being found a highly sensitive method in recent years, particularly in high-technology research areas such as nanotechnology analysis, of identifying the chemical composition of substances and analyzing molecular structures.

ICP Optical Emission Spectrometer

These optical emission spectrometers combine HORIBA JOBIN YVON optical technologies and HORIBA experience in manufacturing quality instruments, and facilitate the analysis of trace elements in materials. In addition to applications in basic research, these spectrometers can be used in elemental analysis in a wide range of fields, from steel, aluminum and other metal materials to tap water and food products.