Digital Mass Flow Controllers

Used to precisely regulate the supply of gas and liquid in semiconductor processes, these devices block the impact of pressure and temperature changes on the line, permitting stable control of flow. The HORIBA Group is the first to commercialize high-performance, multifunctional digital mass flow controllers with built-in CPUs.

Chemical Concentration Monitors

These compact units are used in semiconductor manufacturing to monitor cleaning chemical concentrations. They ensure that no cleansing fluids are wasted, which optimizes the cleaning process and helps boost production yields.

Residual Gas Analyzer

Recent semiconductor processes have reached the nano level, and a topic of much concern is whether or not the prescribed chemical/physical response conditions can be reproduced consistently. In particular, attention has been focused on the measurement and analysis of residual gas in the reaction vessels of the various vacuum devices used in dry processes. HORIBA STEC offers a residual gas analyzer (RGA) with the world’s smallest quadropole mass spectrometer.

FTIR Gas Analyzers

FTIR gas analyzers enable the detection and measurement of a wide variety of substances, such as PFCs, greenhouse gases and semiconductor/FPD process gases, which must be reduced due to their contribution to global warming.


Reticle/Mask Particle Detection Systems

The reticle/mask particle detection systems combine optical technology and an innovative detection system. On reticles and masks, it can detect 0.35 µm particles and minimize detection errors with the ability to resolve 1.5 µm line width and 1.5 µm line spacing. The system is very useful for controlling particles in a lithography semiconductor device manufacturing process.