1 March 2016

Alliance'2016- Let's Meet

With start of Great Year of Alliance'2016, HematologyHORIBA Medical escalated its business and moved a step head in today's competitive market of IVD. Alliance'2016  was not only an alliance with business partners and employees but was a synergy of  no. of events streamlined together like mega product launch, innovative talks, business action plans, cultural events, bidding and networking show to make this auspicious day memorable.

Alliance'2016 was a remarkable event with historical achievements of 82 bookings of Yumizen H500 OT as on date, 123 booking of Micros, with approx. 100 business partners and partners in progress along with 150 Horibarians witnessed to be a part of this marvelous fruitful show.

HORIBA Medical Parodically Launched its "Power of 6- Yumizen H500" with esteemed presence of Dr. Jai Hakhu (President of Horiba India) who motivated us with his overwhelming speech under the sky of Ramoji, Leg Garden along with our guest for the evening Oku San, Arnaud Pradel.

Together, we came up with great show and hope to move on ahead with more enthusiasm and competitive spirit.