ACTIVA M, The Master in True Multi-line Analysis


ICP-OES with CCD Detection and Unique Assistance Tools

ACTIVA-M, a bronze award winner for best new product at Pittcon 2007 as Master in multi-line analysis by ICP-OES, combines superb instrumental performance with innovative and interactive assistance software tools:

  • Full spectrum acquisition for superior semi-quantitative analysis with reprocessing capabilities

  • The proprietary S3-base (Single-element Spectra, Spectroscopic data) ICP-based database features not only wavelengths but also ionization level, line width, limit of detection, dynamic range of each line, thus providing data that allows the combination of single-ele¬ment spectra to mimic real-life samples

  • MASTER (Multi-line Analysis, Selection Tool for Enhanced Reliability) performs a selection of several appropriate lines according to the concentration range of each element and the matrix influence

  • CALSTAT helps for the evaluation of the calibration procedure through statistics on various parameters

  • SOS (Statistical Outlier Survey) evaluates the line concentration results through ANOVA data processing to detect outliers and to provide a single reliable result per element

The Total Multi-line Concept overcomes the challenge of multi-line selection, copes with unexpected spectral interference and consequently improves the reliability of the results.

The advanced instrumental configuration of ACTIVA-M in addition expands the multi-line performance:

  • Extended spectral range from 120 to 800 nm

  • Few matrix effects and high spectral selectivity which allows a greater choice of non-interfered wavelengths to be used for multi-line analysis

  • Practical dynamic range of 107 with a linear concentration range over five decades minimum, which avoids detector saturation and risk of curvature, and consequently expands the use of the selected line, thereby improving the statistics of the results

ACTIVA-M brings ICP-OES expertise, ideal for laboratories with a large variety of applications and/or with a high sample load.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific



Solid-state, 40.68 MHz, water-cooled


GenCo cooler for generator and coil


Direct exhaust connection for plasma compartment


Fully demountable torch, 3 mm i.d. injector, 12 l/min plasma gas, 0.2 l/min sheath gas

Sample introduction

Concentric glass nebuliser and glass cyclone spray chamber, 3-channel peristaltic pump

Optical system

Thermo-regulated, 0.64 meter focal length, dual back-to-back 4343 g/mm and 2400 g/mm gratings with optical resolution <10 pm for 120-430 nm and <18 pm for 430-800 nm

Wavelength range

120 – 800 nm


Back-illuminated CCD, 2048 x 512 pixels, 13.5 x 13.5 μm pixel size, Peltier Cooled