Automatic Pressure Regulator


The UR series automatic pressure regulators are electronic regulators with high-precision pressure sensors and high resolution, fast response piezo actuator valves. They control the pressure relative to the external control signal that they receive. The all-metal construction of the gas contact area (M type) makes these units ideal for ultra-clean pressure control of ultra pure gas supply systems.

HORIBA STEC’s mass flow controllers are renowned for their precise flow rate control of fluids, and have the largest share of the global market. HORIBA STEC has applied the technology it developed in creating its mass flow controllers to a new field, pressure control. HORIBA STEC’s lineup of pressure control systems includes the UR series of ultra clean automatic pressure regulators; the GR-300 series, which is the world’s smallest class of wafer back side cooling systems and was developed in collaboration with mass flow controller engineers; the EC series of exhaust pressure controllers for internal camber pressure control; and the PV series of fast response systems that feature piezo actuator valves with metal O-rings. HORIBA STEC also offers systems that offer flow rate and pressure control for liquids using multi-dimensional technology.


  • Ultra clean: All metal construction (M type)
  • Fast response: Response speed: with in 0.5 sec.
  • Flexible design:
    These regulators can be mounted in any position or attitude, and the fact that they use an electric signal for control makes them suitable for a wide variety of gas supply systems.
  • Lineup of Inlet control type (-B type), Outlet control type.
  • Choose of Gauge pressure type, or Absolute pressure type.
  • DeviceNetTM interface (UR-Z704 series).
  • RoHS directive compliant (UR-Z704 series)
  • Fast, accurate pressure adjustment when the source pressure changes.
    The primary source pressure changes abruptly. With traditional pressure adjustment equipment, this might have an effect on the secondary pressure in the mass flow controller due to issues with responsiveness and pressure adjustment characteristics. Furthermore, in extremely small flow rate ranges, a phenomenon described as hunting may occur due to problems with the pressure adjustment resolution. The high-precision, highly-responsive UR series offers accurate, stable pressure control.
  • Multiple lines prevent pressure interference
    When gas is split by a large unit such as an MOCVD or LCD spatter CVD, and controlled by a mass flow controller, sudden changes in the flow rate can have an impact on other lines. The UR series, however, quickly and accurately adjusts the pressure even in these circumstances, enabling stable control and ensuring that the various mass flow controllers do not affect each other.
  • Remote pressure settings (which dramatically reduce dead volume)
    Since the pressure control is carried out using electric signals, the UR-7300/Z704 series features a gas piping design that would be difficult to use in traditional pressure adjustment equipment. The simple piping design reduces dead volume to almost zero, preventing gas buildup and making it much easier to replace the gas. It is no longer necessary to have a pressure gauge or manual pressure regulator on the gas panel.

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


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