Digital Automatic Pressure Regulator UR-Z700 series


The high performance auto pressure regulator UR-Z700 Series has electronic regulators with high-precision pressure sensors and high resolution, fast response piezo actuator valves. They control the pressure relative to the external control signal that they receive. For Digital/Analog and DeviceNetâ„¢ communications.


  • Eliminates the effects of cross talk caused by switching of high flow lines.
  • Fast response: within 0.5 sec.
  • Flexible design
    These regulators can be mounted in any position or attitude, and the fact that they use an electric signal for control makes them suitable for a wide variety of gas supply systems.
  • Lineup of Inlet control type (-B type), Outlet control type.
  • Choose of Gauge pressure type, or Absolute pressure type.
  • RoHS compliant (UR-Z704 series)
  • Ultra clean: all metal construction (M type)

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


The PE-D20 control unit integrates high frequency functions via the front panel controls.
The PE-D10 is a standalone unit for use with mass flow meters.
The PE series of dedicated power sources can be used as drive power sources for mass flow controllers, meters, and auto pressure regulator as well as for dedicated display units, and supply the standard flow rate setting voltage. The series includes a lineup of models that have flow rate alarm output function, models offering 0 signals and 4 to 20mA, and models that are capable of driving up to six units.
Display unit DU series
The DU-102E and DU-103K display the flow rate output signal from mass flow controllers and meters. Matching these units to the full-scale flow rate values of mass flow controllers and meters enables direct monitoring of control and measured flow rates.
Signal cables and conversion adapters SC/CA series
The SC series consists of signal cables that connect mass flow controller and meters to control units. The SC series includes a serge provision by a shield cables. Simply select the appropriate adapter for your needs.
The CA-E series are conversion adapters that can be utilized when other manufactures mass flow control systems are used with mass flow controllers and meters. Simply select the appropriate adapter for your needs.