The NIR MicroHR is a 140 mm focal length spectrometer featuring gold optics (for increased through-put in the NIR spectral region) and interchangeable gold gratings for optimization of optical components and wavelength range selection. A completely manual spectrometer, the NIR MicroHR offers full flexibility of wavelength selection with no electronic thermal emissions. A high-precision wavelength counter allows for extremely accurate and repeatable wavelength positioning. Other features include fixed of micrometer slits and a mechanical shutter for true dark subtraction. In combination with a Symphony STE of LN2 InGaAs Array, the NIR MicroHR is the perfect instrument for NIR spectroscopy, laser characterization, NIR fluorescence, absorption and NIR filter characterization.


  • Compact and lightweight  
  • Gold optics
  • Interchangeable gold gratings
  • High precision wavelength counter
  • Toroidal collimating mirror
  • Pre-aligned Array mount
  • Universal accessory mount
  • Works in all positions
  • Monoblock construction
  • Saves space
  • Easily integrated into optical systems
  • Increased throughput and performance in the NIR spectral region (800 nm - 1700 nm)
  • Easy to switch wavelength range and upgrade in the field
  • Accurate and easy wavelength setting
  • Provides best imaging quality
  • Allows for easy Array installation without adjustment
  • Compatible with existing HORIBA Jobin Yvon accessories and C-mount
  • Versatility and portability  
  • For greater stability and durability

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


Focal length 

140 mm

Entrance Aperture Ratio 


Grating Size 

32 mm x 32 mm

Scanning Range 

0 - 3000 nm mechanical range

Multi-channel coverage 

280 nm over 26.7 mm array

Focal Plane 

27 mm wide x 10 mm high

Spectral Dispersion 

5.25 nm/mm at 400 nm

Spectral Resolution w/ 25 µm pixel array 

0.6 nm

Wavelength Position Accuracy 

± 0.5 nm

Wavelength Repeatability 

± 0.15 nm

Wavelength Counter 

Marked in 0.1 nm increments


Fixed or micrometer



7" (178 mm)


6" (152 mm)


5.5" (140 mm)

Optical Axis Height

3.5" (89 mm)


8.8lb (4.0 kg)

All specifications with 600 gr/mm grating, array with 25 micron pixels


MicroHR NIR Spectrometer Schematic

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