The SpectrAcq2 is not just another readout system - it's a compact, high speed, high performance spectral data acquisition controller designed for advanced spectroscopy and light measurement applications. The optional photo counting detection module allows you to measure the light level by counting photons, one by one. This method is the most sensitive technique for light measurement. Designed to work as a stand-alone unit or with most of the HORIBA Jobin Yvon/SPEX high performance detectors with versatility at an affordable price.


  • Data acquisition from one input channel, with four programmable gain settings and autoranging.
  • Configurable for current or voltage signal inputs.
  • Optional photon counting module (DM302) for measuring low light levels.
  • 16-bit resolution and accuracy.
  • Up to 1000 data points per second. Data storage of up to 5000 data points.
  • RS-232 interface standard, IEEE488 optional.
  • Analog output for controlling PMT high voltage: 0 to +5 volts, 12-bit resolution.
  • Four TTL input and output lines.
  • ± 15V supply for external devices such as solid state detector preamplifiers.
  • Optional Windows software for data acquisition and analysis.
  • Programmer's instruction set is included.
  • LabVIEW VI available.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific