EMGA-600W Oxygen/Nitrogen/ Hydrogen Combined Analyzer


The HORIBA EMGA-600 is a combined model between ON and H analyzers and determines the oxygen, nitrogen and hydrogen contained in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, semiconductors, electronic materials and so on using the inert gas fusion method.

The oxygen is measured as carbon monoxide by a non-dispersive infrared detector and the nitrogen and hydrogen are measured by a thermal conductivity detector. The detectors for O/N/H are connected to the same single furnace through a gas selection unit.


  • Different analysis modes for different samples

  • Precision control of extraction furnace

  • Multistep slope power control

  • Real-time temperature hold function

  • Temperature programmable pattern memory function

  • Peak level setting function

  • Multifunctional graphic printout

  • Dual sample/flux introduction mechanism (HORIBA patent)

Manufactured by HORIBA


EMGA-600W: Oxygen,Nitrogen, Hydrogen analyzer

Iner gas fusion in impulse furnace
Oxygen: NDIR
Nitrogen&Hydrogen: TCD

Oxygen: 0-0,1%
Nitrogen: 0-0,5%
Hydrogen: 0-0,02%  
Up to 100% wt is possible by decreasing the sample weight.

Oxygen/Nitrogen (For standard sample)
σn-1≦0.0001%(m/m) (Sample conc.is under 0.002%(m/m))
σn-1≦0.00015%(m/m) (Sample conc.is 0.002%(m/m) and above) or CV≦1.5%

Hydrogen (Reference gas)
σn-1≦0.04ppm(m/m) or CV≦1,0%

Sample weight: 1,0g standard

Oxygen/Nitrogen: 0,01ppm
Hydrogen: 0,001ppm

Analysis time
Oxygen/Nitrogen: Approx. 40sec from gas extraction to measurement result display
Hydrogen: Approx. 100sec from gas extraction to measurement result display
Depending on the sample and extractions.

Analysis conditions
Extraction conditions:
Furnace control:Electrical power control
 Wattage setting 
 Temperature setting

Operation mode:2 operation modes are available depending on the sample
 Block mode
 Power mode

Integration conditions:
3 integration methods are available.
 Preset time integration
 Integration up to reach comparator level
 Preset time integration or integration up to reach comparator level, whichever is shorter

One-point or multi-point (up to 30 points) calibration using standard sample
Option:Gas dosing calibration

Extruction furnace
Furnace structure
Enable to set the generating power 0-8kw
Enable to temperature programmed analysis in controlling temperature, power current and electricity.
Internal cooling water circulation method

Interrupt analysis
Alarm display
Data storage (Preset list up to 100 items, Result up to 1000 per file)
Memory of calibration curve and measurement conditions
Out put (RC-232C)
Furnace control: 10 furnace control patterns can be programmed
Self diagnosis

Automation function
Autocleaning function (Option)

Main unit: 200/220/240V, 50/60Hz
PC:100/120/200/220/240V, 50/60Hz

2Analyzer unit 450W×920D×725H (By one unit)  
Combustion unit: 550W×920D×725H

Analyzer unit: approx 100kg  Combustion unit: approx 170kg


EMGA-600W Schematics

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