The UVISEL FUV spectroscopic ellipsometer extends the UVISEL VIS down to 190 nm.

The advanced optical design of the UVISEL FUV integrates high throughput optics and provides an extremely low level of stray light. The UVISEL FUV spectroscopic ellipsometer is recognized to provide high accuracy measurement and the best signal to noise ratio in the FUV range even for low reflecting samples.

The UVISEL FUV is the ideal tool for

  • Semiconductor
  • Lithography
  • Data storage
  • Chemical and biological engineering
  • Display devices

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


  • Characterization of thickness and optical constants in the VIS-FUV spectral range of thin films and multilayer stacks for:

    •  Dielectrics
    •  High k, low k materials
    •  Polymers, organic materials
    •  Photo resists
    •  Plastics
    •  Amorphous semiconductors
    •  Thin metal films
    •  Glass

  • High sensitivity for the measurements of ultra-thin films, films with low index contrast and complex films exhibiting gradient or anisotropy