Mass flow meter SEF-E series


A mass flow controller is a device that measures and controls the mass flow rate of fluids. Flow rate measurement of fluids generally uses either volumetric or mass flow rate. With volumetric flow rate measurement, the ambient temperature and pressure of the fluid being measured affect the volume, therefore accurate measurement requires corrections for changes in the environment during the measurement process. With mass flow rate measurement, the mass (weight) of the fluid is measured eliminating the need to correct for changes in the measurement environment. Mass flow controllers are widely used as flow rate controllers in processes that demand high precision flow rate measurement and control, such as the semiconductor, photovoltaic and micro machining manufacturing processes.


  • Suitable for a wide range of flow rates, control between 0.2 SCCM and 500 SLM (N2) available.
  • Applications, Installed globally in a range of manufacturing processes, from general industry to high technology.

Manufactured by HORIBA STEC


E series specification overview

Flow range N2 equivalent



Gas compatibility

Non corrosive gases.

Valve Type

Solenoid valve normally closed with power off

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