HORIBA continues to accumulate substantial knowledge in designing and manufacturing high-quality chassis dynamometers for the automotive industry in compliance with existing and forthcoming emission standards. Continuous optimization and improvement of the tried-and-tested design have led to the latest generation of VULCAN dynamometers.


The GD-Profiler 2™ provides fast, simultaneous analysis of all elements of interest including the gases nitrogen, oxygen, hydrogen and chlorine. It is an ideal tool for thin film characterization and process studies.


Single point analysis and automated hyperspectral imaging.

Dual vacuum modes.

Spot sizes from 1.2 mm to 10 µm.

The HORIBA 6-Component wind tunnel balance system provides the ability to measure the aerodynamic components drag, side force, lift force, rolling moment, pitch moment and yawing moment efficiently and with the highest accuracy.

The AeroComp Series is a Compact Wind Tunnel Balance System based on three standard sizes developed for research and development in small wind tunnels with a test cross-section from 0,7m up to 2m.