Laboratory CrimeScope Digital Imaging System, basic package for fingerprint work. (Light Source CS-16 / MCS / HS and SceneScope not included)

Optical and Digital high resolution, high dynamic range, Fingerprint Enhancement System (SceneScope / CrimeScope Imaging System) with PC.


  • 12 bits capture = 4.096 levels of grey (CCD, Electronics and Software).
  • 1250 x 1000 CCD with on-chip integration.
  • UV (280) to IR (1000) sensitivity.
  • Unique software for background removal (Periodic and non Periodic) via FFT.
  • Dual Image handling.
  • Various digital filters.
  • PCI Card for fast CCD Digital Capture Board for the 12bit CCD, high resolution 1250 x 1000 CCD (up to 10 frames/second).

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


PC Requirements

  • 2.2GHz Processor
  • 256Mb Ram
  • 40Gb HDD
  • CD-RW
  • 19" Monitor
  • Sublimation Printer for quality printing 5:1 to 1:1
  • Scanner

ImaQuest Software

  • Software features FFT Cutting of periodic backgrounds and Boosting of ridge periodic pattern, Random Fluorescent background removal, Multiple Filters (Gauss, Sharpen, Lowpass, Equalize, etc). convert to grey scale, handling of 8 bit and 12 bit images.
  • WSQ Forensic Compression Module is integrated in ImaQuest (FBI 12:1 certified compression, user adjusted other compression rates available) for storage / backup and compressed images wmail transfer (WSQ includes small and large preview of images and converts TIFF, BMP to / from WSQ images).
  • Integrated Driver for Digital Camera to control CCD parameter within the enhancement Software.


  • 1250 x 1000
  • 12 bits = 4,096 LEVELS of Contrast (allowing strong and weak fingerprint areas to be captured without saturation or loss effect).
  • Spectral range 280-1000nm (UV-VIS-NIR).
  • Binning 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 for increased sensitivity (Full Well capacity per pixel: 12,000 electrons, but 36,000 with 2 x 2 binning = Ultra-High sensitivity).
  • CCD grade 0 (best quality chip).
  • Gain: 2 software settings.
  • Readout noise: 12 electrons.
  • Signal to noise ration 62B.
  • Digital temperature compensation.
  • C-mount Lens Interface.
  • As the PCI Digital Controller also powers the CCD, no need for external power source.
  • Shielded ethernet patch cable.


  • Objective lens and Special Slide Adapter.
  • Bandpass Filters Slide: BP415, BP515, BP550, LP550, BP600, White

Copy-Stand with column and 18x20" baseboard, and CCD camera arm.

REQUIRES CS-16 (preferred) or MCS-400 Forensic Light Source or HandScope and / or SCENESCOPE.

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