Laboratory CrimeScope Digital Imaging System, for Fingerprint and Forged Documents work. (CS-16 or MCS-400 with IR option required, SceneScope also optional).

Optical and Digital High Resolution, High Dynamic range, Image Enhancement System (SceneScope/CrimeScope Imaging System) with PC.


  • 12 bits capture = 4,096 levels of grey (CCD, Electronics and Software).
  • 1250x1000 CCD with on-chip integration.
  • UV(280) to IR(1000) sensitivity.
  • Unique Software for Background Removal (Periodic and non Periodic) via FFT.
  • Dual Image handling.
  • Various digital filters.
  • PCI Card for Fast CCD Digital Capture Board for the 12bit CCD, high resolution 1250x1000 CCD (up to 10 frames/second).
  • PCI Card, High Signal to Noise Frame grabber for Video inputs.
  • PCI Controller Board for CS-16 CrimeScope Light Source to change filters from the PC.

Manufactured by HORIBA Scientific


PC Requirements

  • 2.4GHz Processor
  • 512Mb RAM
  • 80Gb HDD
  • Zip250 and CD-RW
  • 21" Monitor
  • Sublimation Printer for quality printing 5:1 to 1:1
  • Scanner
  • UPS

IMAQUEST Software (8bits to 12bits images handling)

  • Software features FFT Cutting of periodic backgrounds and Boosting of ridge periodic pattern, Random Fluorescent background removal, Multiple Filters (Gauss, Sharpen, Lowpass, Equalise.), convert to grey scale, handling of 8bits and 12bits images.
  • Other Software for CrimeScope CS-16 control of wavelengths (Goto, Scan, Database of Chemicals).
  • WSQ Forensic Compression Module is integrated in ImaQuest (FBI 12:1 certified compression, user adjusted other compression rates available) for storage/backup and compressed images email transfer (WSQ includes small and large preview of images and converts TIFF, BMP to/from WSQ images).
  • Integrated Driver for Digital Camera to control CCD parameters within the enhancement Software.


  • 1250x1000.
  • 12bits = 4,096 LEVELS of Contrast (allowing strong and weak fingerprint areas to be captured without saturation or loss effect).
  • Spectral range 280 - 1000nm (UV-VIS-NIR).
  • Binning 1 x 1 or 2 x 2 for increased sensitivity (Full Well capacity per pixel: 12,000 electrons, but 36,000 with 2 x 2 binning = Ultra-High sensitivity).
  • CCD grade 0 (best quality chip).
  • Gain: 2 software settings.
  • Readout noise: 12 electrons.
  • Signal to noise ration 62B.
  • Digital temperature compensation.
  • C-mount Lens Interface.
  • As the PCI Digital Controller also powers the CCD, no need for external power source.
  • Shielded ethernet patch cable.


  • Zoom lens and Nikkor 105mm Micro-Lens.
  • Special Slide Adapter to place up to 2 combined Slides (LP+BP) between Lens and CCD:
    2 Longpass Filter Slides (10 for visible range and 10 for infrared range). 1 Bandpass Filter Slide (for Visible):

    • Visible: OG-530 - OG-550 - OG-570 - OG-590 - OG610 - OG-630 - OG-645 - OG665 - OG-680
    • Infrared: RG-680 - RG-695 -RG-715- RG-740 - RG-765 - RG-780 - RG-815 - RG-830 - RG-985
    • BP Slide: BP415, BP515, BP550, LP550, BP600, White

  • 1 More Stand-alone 52mm Filter: BP365nm Filter for special Longwave UV examination.

Copy-Stand with column and 18x20" baseboard, and CCD camera arm.
Dark Chamber and CCD adaptation.

REQUIRES CS-16 (preferred) or MCS-400 Forensic Light Source and / or SCENESCOPE.

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