H&D Measurement of Hydrogen (and Deuterium)


Measurement of Hydrogen (and Deuterium) by RF GDOES

Sol gel polymeric coating on Al.

RF GD OES is well known for ultra fast elemental depth profile of thin and thick films. All elements can be measured including Hydrogen (H) which is important in many application fields - for corrosion studies, for PV, in metallurgy, for the development of hydrogen storage materials and for all polymeric coatings studies to name a few.

Isotopic separation usually requires MS spectrometry. However for Hydrogen, it is possible to separate it from its isotope Deuterium (D) in an optical spectrometer with adequate resolution: the 2 emission lines being at 121,534 nm (for D) and 121,567 nm (for H) – so separated by 30 picometers!

Deuterium profile is of great interest in fusion studies for plasma facing components, it is also of interest in corrosion studies (D being substituted to H in the corrosion medium.

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