Analysis of Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine in water using ICP-OES

Analysis of Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine in Water using ICP-AES

ICP-AES is a multi-element technique that allows the determination of 75 elements in the periodic table. One element that is desirable to analyze at the same time as other elements is chlorine. However, until recently, the analysis fo halogens, especially chlorine, was usually not undertaken by ICP. This was because the halogens are not easy to excite in a plasma source and their emission wavelengths are challenging for conventional optics.

Chlorine wavelengths, which yield good sensitivity, are low (133 nm and 134 nm) and are not possible to measure with conventional solid-state detectors or photomultiplier tubes.

This Application Note describes recent hardware improvements that allow the determination of Cl, Br and I by ICP-AES.

The analysis of Br, Cl, and I is possible with ICP-AES at low limits of detection due to an adaptation of the instrument. This adaptation doesn't affect the determination of other elements and will generally improve analytical performance for any elemental lines below 200 nm for example, Pb at 168 nm.


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