HORIBA understands the importance of productivity in maintaining a successful test lab. The ultimate goal is to maximize test time and minimize downtime. STARS applications help users increase productivity by generating accurate, reproducible tests and workflows that help optimize facility output.

STARS is comprised of two platforms that integrate tightly to automate and manage all aspects of test operations: STARS Automation for data acquisition, control, and automation in the test cell—and STARS Enterprise, a web-based solution for data management and process automation. HORIBA developed these flexible and adaptable toolsets using agile methodology and years of expertise. 

STARS Enterprise helps increase productivity in the test facility by simplifying daily tasks, reducing manual intervention, and maximizing the utilization of every test facility. Tools that track the availability of the facility and the location of test specimens and equipment are also available to help avoid unnecessary downtime and delays due to planned equipment maintenance or calibration. Workflows ensure both productivity and quality assurance, while generating an audit trail. 

STARS Automation has powerful application development tools and a multi-tasking user environment to support concurrent test preparation, execution, and analysis activities. Shared libraries of test configurations keep new test creation time to an absolute minimum, ensuring that test cells remain highly productive in a world of constantly changing test requirements.

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