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There is a growing worldwide requirement for developing low emission, high performance vehicles in a reduced and cost saving research and development time. Therefore, today's engineers require open and highly flexible tools that can help them achieve these requirements. 

The STARS platform with it's tools covers the complete development cycle, from the components to the complete vehicle, while increasing the testing process productivity and improving data collection and processing efficiency.

Our software products are a comprehensive set of tools to automate a wide range of test bed types for vehicle, engine, fuel cell, battery, powertrain, E-motor, brake, and component testing. Our different applications cover areas such as advanced R&D, emissions, durability or performance testing.

All STARS applications are built on the STARS platform. These provide an optimal blend of performance, robustness, flexibility and security. STARS applications can be delivered as standalone systems, or be networked via a cluster server.

  • Test Stand Workstations - for control and monitoring of the test cells, and data acquisition in a real-time environment
  • Office Workstations - for convenient off-line test configuration and post-test data analysis away from the test stand
Segment: Automotive
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA Test Automation Ltd.

Test Automation Software

Automate a wide range of test bed types for vehicle, engine, powertrain, e-motor, brake, and component testing.

STARS Test Automation applications are designed to help a lab run reliably and efficiently. User-interfaces are designed so that complex routines and tests can be constructed with minimal effort. Regulatory compliant emissions testing, model based calibration, advanced test execution, and analysis are all available within the ready-to-use applications.

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Data Management and Process Automation Software

Laboratory managers are responsible for increasing efficiency and productivity, as well as maintaining the integrity of the test data at the highest level. In order to achieve these goals, they need solutions which address the following day-to-day challenges:

Simple control and supervision of different automation systems from multiple vendors. Easy access to test reports from a central location. Offline test planning and scheduling that is not integrated within the test systems. Efficient handling of last-minute schedule changes caused by unavailability of equipment.

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Facility and Asset Management Software

The automotive industry confronts lab managers in new, challenging ways. The current regulations demand increasingly complex test procedures that require more time and resources to execute, which counteracts the  goals to improve productivity and reduce costs.

Therefore, lab managers need to maximize the test cell availability by continual awareness of the current situation in their facility. They must ensure the equipment is fully functional, meets all mandatory quality standards and regulations, and is up to date with all service and maintenance requirements.

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Platform and OS

  • Single PC-based hardware platform 
  • Windows 10 LTSC operating system 
  • IntervalZero RTX64 deterministic real-time execution environment 
  • Real time task execution rates up to 5kHz 


Data acquisition and logging 

  • Up to 5 kHz, dependant on IO system selected 
  • No hard limit on the number of concurrent data loggers and channels 


Interfaces and Protocols 


Product Variants

Data Management and Process Automation Software
Data Management and Process Automation Software

Collect a wide range of data sources


Facility & Asset Management Software

Test Automation Software
Test Automation Software

Run tests reliably and efficiently with automation

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STARS Battery
STARS Battery

Test Automation Software for Battery Testing