Particle Finder™: The best tool for microplastic and nanoplastic investigation

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in partnership with SelectScience, presented by Massimiliano Rocchia, PhD, HORIBA France and Ludivine Fromentoux, HORIBA France


Beginning: 07/07/22

Location: Online

In this webinar, explore how Raman microscopy can be used to identify and characterize microplastics and nanoplastic samples through examples such as hand sanitizer. Plus, gain an overview of the latest HORIBA Scientific solution software: Particle Finder™.

Particle Finder has been developed to fulfil all possible requirements in the particle analysis field: Particle identification and selection with adapted segmentation algorithms, fast acquisition including randomization and survey scans, comprehensive analysis, statistics and reports, routine measurements for multi-sample analysis and much more.

Key learning objectives

  • Gain insights into microplastics and nanoplastics analysis
  • Learn the advantages of Raman microscopy and its capability to use this technique for microplastic analysis
  • Learn and understand the new Particle Finder™ software solution