Continuous Gas Analysis for Industrial Gases

Webinar January 25 at 10:00 a.m. (CET)



Beginning: 01/25/23

Industrial gases play a major role in various industries. Large quantities of nitrogen, oxygen and argon are produced in air separators worldwide. Lately, carbon dioxide carbon capture utilization and storage (CCUS) is being strongly discussed, although the gas has already been obtained from various industrial sources for some time. 
Depending on the source but also on downstream purification processes,  gases have to be analyzed with regard to their quality. Conformity requirements, for example for medical gases or the food industry, play a role.

In this webinar HORIBA shows how purities of gases but also impurities in them can be measured with different measurement techniques. Furthermore, continuous measurement techniques such as NDIR photometry and paramagnetic oxygen measurements, which offer the possibility to get online results within seconds, will be presented. 


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Please note, the webinar will be held in German.