HORIBA Celebrates Its 70th Anniversary in 2023

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On January 26, 2023, HORIBA shall celebrate its 70th anniversary.

HORIBA, Ltd. (Hereinafter HORIBA) embarked on its challenging journey as an entity on January 26, 1953, based on the HORIBA RADIO LABORATORY (founded in 1945), which was established by our founder Dr. Masao Horiba while he was a student at Kyoto University.                           

HORIBA, which started as a small factory in Kyoto, Japan, has been working earnestly to explore analytical and measurement technologies that contribute to the development of science and technology, and to develop unique products and applications based on our original technologies. Over the past 70 years, many colleagues from various countries and regions worldwide who sympathized with HORIBA's founding spirit and our corporate motto, “Joy and Fun,” have gathered, and HORIBA has grown into a global company, which allows various personalities and talents to shine. HONMAMON(Technology) , authentic and genuine technologies with excellence, have been cultivated since HORIBA was founded. We have always been aiming to be the only one that supports types of advanced research in various fields and markets around the world, and is highly trusted as a “HORIBA” brand.

2023 will also be the final year of our current Mid-Long-Term Management Plan, MLMAP2023. The HORIBA Group will work together as one company to achieve further growth in this memorable year, which will be a significant period for us to pass the HORIBA brand to a new generation.


The HORIBA 70th anniversary logo

The HORIBA 70th anniversary logo is a mixture of HORIBA's five business segments, expressing an image of pushing forward to the next stage.
Inspired by the infinite possibilities of HORIBA from the silhouette of the infinite sign "∞, "this symbol expresses the image of growing upward with the number "70" angled upward to the right by 70 degrees.