Blood-Tissue Interface Conference

- | Planet Ocean Montpellier, Montpellier, France

The first international conference on Blood Tissue Interfaces


Beginning: 10/03/22

End: 10/04/22

Location: Planet Ocean Montpellier, Montpellier, France

HORIBA Medical will sponsor the Blood-Tissue Interface Conference which will be held from October 3 until 4 in Montpellier, France. This interdisciplinary conference will be conducted by a group of international highly skilled scientists and researchers from several areas of expertise. They will present their works in a spirit of knowledge sharing. The workshop is intended for the medical, industrial and engineering communities but also anyone wishing to participate and contribute to this interdisciplinary scientific event. During this workshop, this event will encourage synergies, discussions and interactions between the various participants and speakers.


Blood, arteries, veins, vessels phyiology, microcirculation, morphogenesis, artificial blood, endothelial cells, organs on chip, biomaterials, angiogenesis, circulating tumor cells, bioengineering, biomarkers, virology, microfluidics, ....


Biologists, physicians, engineers, biophysicists,... Researchers and Students. Academia and industry

Preliminary Program & invited speakers

Vessels physiology

  • Per Morten Sandset, University of Oslo
  • John-Bjarne Hansen, the Arctic Univ. of Norway
  • Jacky Goetz, Inserm/Univ. Strasbourg
  • Isabelle Quere, CHU Montpellier


Artificial vessels

  • Abdul Barakat, Ladhyx, Ecole Polytechnique
  • Didier Letourneur, CNRS - INSERM U1148
  • Fabrice Soncin, INSERM, Université de Lille
  • Haley Ehlers, Mimetas, Leiden NL


Circulating cells and anucleates

  • Guillaume Dumenil, Institut Pasteur
  • Esther Nolte-'t Hoen, Utrecht University
  • Stéphanie Descroix, IPGG, Institut Curie
  • Anat Aharon, Univ. Tel Aviv


Bioproduction of cells

  • Jan Frayne, University of Bristol
  • Koji Eto, Kyoto university


Registration (until September 30)

Poster Submission (until September 26)

Blood Tissue Interfaces Conference_Oct3-4-2022