Dahej Industrial EXPO 2023

- | Dahej GIDC Gujarat, India
|   Exhibition

Meet the experts of HORIBA India at the Dahej Industrial Expo India 2023 to talk to them about HORIBA's Solutions in Water Monitoring.


Beginning: 12/05/23

End: 12/07/23

Location: Dahej GIDC Gujarat, India

Dahej area in Bharuch District of Gujarat is touching new horizons of economic development and taking a lead in globalizing India in its true sense. Dahej Industrial Expo 2023 is an exhibition whose effect is to propel economic activity by connecting growth-oriented people.

HORIBA: A One-Stop Solution for all kinds of Analytical Measurements which includes: Air-Gas-Water.

We will be demonstrating our high-end products which have been meeting all kinds of Gas, Ambient, Water & liquid measurement needs in Agriculture, Aquaculture, Industrial Wastewater, Domestic Wastewater, and Rivers, etc.      

<Please contact us for more info: customercare-pe.hin@horiba.com>

For more information of the event: https://www.industrialexpo.co.in/in