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HORIBA continuously strives to improve customer solutions and offers reliable and dedicated services

A newly installed laboratory now offers customers of the MEXA-2000SPCS series (SPCS – Solid Particle Counting System), Condensation Particle Counter (CPC) and the MEXA-1000SPCS series the full power of our efforts: The workflow management of these products is now being streamlined in one single workroom, shortening the timeframe for calibration significantly. To complete the service, HORIBA supplies its customers with a substitute unit so that they can carry out their measuring tasks without interruption.

The new laboratory is the result of the close collaboration with our customers and a committed HORIBA team that can now handle maintenance and calibration of MEXA-2000SPCS and its CPC within just one week if scheduled in advance. In order to meet this timeframe, SPCS and CPC devices have to be calibrated simultaneously, while all involved departments and the customer meticulously align their tasks. We furthermore support our customers and our HORIBA employees in Europe in swiftly solving any issues that may arise – be it via e-mail, phone or remote control directly to the system.

In 2017, HORIBA calibrated a great multitude of SPCS devices with the target to outgo it year by year. To achieve this ambitious goal, HORIBA will increase investment in test equipment and its laboratory. As a result, several modifications and the commitment of an even larger team will be at disposal to support the realization of the scheduled and successful implementation.

HORIBA is furthermore planning an extensive modification of the facility for the calibration of our On-Board System for particle number counting (OBS-PN). This will help us and our customers to substantially reduce the lead-time of OBS-PN calibration.

 “I am more than confident that our dedicated and reliable team is well prepared for any tasks and challenges that may appear in the future,” states André Gierhardt, laboratory team leader. 

Service laboratory Oberursel
Service laboratory fpr particles in Oberursel