Above and beyond with the extended altitude simulation tool MEDAS

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MEDAS offers extended performance due to new options for the fields of temperature and humidity control.

As new directives require automotive homologation at different elevations in order to depict reality and comply with recent standards for actual driving conditions, simulation tools need to become more and more sophisticated. HORIBA has reacted to these needs and extended the applications of MEDAS (Multi-Function Efficient Dynamic Altitude Simulation).

The altitude simulation tool makes it possible to control natural uncertainties such as pressure, temperature and humidity. MEDAS’ applications include engine endurance and thermal management as well as emission tests such as Real Driving Emission (RDE) tests. The system offers stable conditions at the engine intake and outlet, thus allowing reliable results during engine calibration. It performs vacuum and overpressure simulations in a correspondingly simulated height range, which ranges from sea level to 5,000 meters above. Thereby it achieves a maximum mass flow of 1,200 kilograms per hour.

Through an optional extension, the height simulation system offers a wider adjustable temperature range from -15 to 40 degrees Celsius. As a result of the new features, users can specify a matching relative humidity of 10 to 80 percent. Thus, the extended simulation options provide a more detailed engineering environment for current combustion engine concepts as well as performance and emission requirements. These tests can be carried out on all common test benches (engine, transmission, vehicle).

MEDAS allows users to perform dynamic and highly accurate testing and offers several simulation options for their test benches. Since the tool can simulate almost any potential altitude condition, it enables the testing of a wide range of motor control parameters, geometries and designs. In addition, MEDAS provides globally consistent results at different R&D locations with geographically divergent conditions. The application options ensure improved measurement accuracy while avoiding complexity and greater resource consumption.

HORIBA's MEDAS product series is integrated into a test bench automation system via standard interfaces, allowing a precise control of altitude parameters such as pressure, temperature, humidity and mass flow. Additionally, manual operation can be carried out via a user-friendly interactive touch screen, allowing users to operate the system as an independent unit for simulating height parameters.

MEDAS - Altitude Simulation
MEDAS enables altitude applications by performing vacuum and overpressure simulations.