HORIBA Launches Hydrogen Gas Analyzer HyEVO

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HORIBA’s contribution to the hydrogen energy sector will help achieve carbon neutrality

On February 28, 2022, HORIBA, Ltd. launched HyEVO, a hydrogen gas analyzer that enables the continuous measurement of hydrogen concentration in gases.
HyEVO can measure hydrogen with exceptional accuracy and resolution even in gases that contain high water content without the need of removing the water. It is ideal for applications such as hydrogen engines and fuel cells. Furthermore, because it has a shorter response time (approximately 1/2 that of the conventional model*1), it can perform continuous measurement with high precision in 0.2 second increments. In addition, the warm-up time has also been greatly reduced (approximately 1/3 that of the conventional model*1). HyEVO will contribute to the development of technologies that are indispensable to a hydrogen-based society, such as on the combustion of hydrogen and ammonia in engines and gas turbines, as well as fuel cells and hydrogen production. The analyzer is also useful in the production of synthetic fuel using hydrogen and carbon dioxide recovered from power plants and other sources thereby contributing to methanation*2, an approach that has recently become a focus of attention. This product is also intended for use in petrochemical processes and medical applications.
The launch of this product will expand our lineup and accelerate our endeavors to provide analysis solutions as HORIBA, the leading (measurement) solution provider for hydrogen and carbon neutrality.

Background and goal

In recent years, the utilization of hydrogen as a next-generation energy source has become a focus of investment in the bid to achieve  carbon neutrality. The new analyzer HyEVO was developed to meet the growing demand for hydrogen gas measuring devices, which is driven by the acceleration of R&D efforts in hydrogen-energy-related technologies including hydrogen engines, hydrogen gas turbines, fuel cells, and hydrogen production.
Kazuya Tsurumi, General Manager of the Mobility & Energy Business Division, who led the development of the product, made the following comment:
“We have a history of more than 65 years in the field of gas analysis and have been developing hydrogen gas measurement systems for fuel cells, internal combustion engines, and hydrogen production processes since the early 2000s. By combining HyEVO with the analysis and measurement instruments and engineering technologies we already have, we will be able to provide total solutions for hydrogen measurement and create new value as ‘HORIBA, the leading hydrogen and carbon neutral technology company.’ Through this, we aim to expand our business particularly in the field of energy and the environment, which is one of the three focus fields*3 identified in our medium-to-long-term management plan MLMAP 2023*4.”

The hydrogen gas analyzer HyEVO
Measurement target: Hydrogen
Measurement principle: Mass spectrometry*5
Measurement range: 0-1,000 ppm or 0-5% (selected before shipping)
External dimensions: 570 x 1,000 x 850 mm (W x H x D)

Additional information: HORIBA’s initiatives in the hydrogen business

Our group has developed many analysis and measurement devices created out of our core technologies including infrared measurement, spectroscopic analysis, and liquid measurement. Also in the hydrogen supply chain, the analysis and measurement technologies we have built up over the years are widely employed in each of the "production, storage, and use" phases.
Moreover, we have heavily invested in hydrogen energy-related projects. In September 2018, FuelCon AG (currently HORIBA FuelCon), a German company which manufactures and sells testing systems for fuel cells, electrolysers, and batteries, joined our group to further widen the scope of our hydrogen business. In January 2021, we established a dedicated department to strengthen our involvement in the hydrogen energy market.
Most recently, in order to meet the increasing demand for fuel cell and electrolysis testing equipment, HORIBA FuelCon is opening a new factory this spring and triple its production capacity by 2023.

1 Comparison with our conventional model (MSHA-1000)
2 Methanation: A technology to produce methane, the primary component of natural gas, by reacting hydrogen with carbon dioxide. Replacing natural gas, the current raw material for city gas, with this synthetic methane is expected to contribute to the decarbonization of gas.
3 "MLMAP 2023" focuses on the three key megatrend fields: “energy & environment,” “bio & healthcare,” and “materials & semiconductor.”
4 MLMAP (Mid-Long Term Management Plan): "MLMAP" is the acronym for the medium-to-long-term management plan of HORIBA Ltd. and is used to instill the plan within the organization.
5 Mass spectrometry: An analytical method used to determine the atomic or molecular weight or abundance (concentration) of sample components by converting the sample to atomic or molecular level microscopic ions and measuring the mass.


The hydrogen gas analyzer HyEVO