HORIBA debuts new Raman microscope for semiconductor analyses

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LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor for semiconductors R&D process qualification and optimization

Paris Saclay, France — HORIBA France SAS, leader in Raman microscopy, announces the new LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor system, a Raman/Photoluminescence microscope based on the best-selling high resolution LabRAM HR Evolution Confocal Raman Microscope and equipped with a sample mounting stage to handle the common wafer size of 300 mm.

As compound semiconductors are becoming more complex with a higher number of elements, uniformity assessment on blanket wafers is essential for high quality devices and high yield. The LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor system will help process engineers qualify the different process steps in a timely manner and with a high level of confidence. With a high spatial resolution mode, the LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor offers the capability to detect and identify defects and submicron inhomogeneities to understand and give insights about their origin.

The LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor system includes a 300 mm × 300 mm automated sample stage and an automated objective turret, enabling the acquisition of maps of full wafers of diameter up of 300 mm.  In addition, the DuoScan imaging function permits both variable size laser macrospot for full wafer maps and high spatial submicron step scanning for small area maps.  The range of available excitation lasers, combined with a wide range of spectral detection, from deep UV to near IR, makes the LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor system a two-in-one Raman and Photoluminescence spectroscopy tool. The “Tilt at midwayautofocus function overcomes possible sample/holder tilt and ensures reliability in uniformity response.

As Raman and Photoluminescence characterization is moving from the lab to the fab for the emerging 2D materials-based devices, the LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor system is the perfect tool for metrology technical managers.

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LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor Raman microscope for semiconductor analyses
The LabRAM Odyssey Semiconductor microscope is the ideal tool for photoluminescence and Raman imaging on wafers up to 300 mm diameter.