HORIBA Introduces the Smallest Stationary FTIR Analyzer in the Market

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MEXA series to be complemented by highly dynamic system with quick response time due to compact gas cell and 5 Hz sampling rate. Accurate and reliable measurement thanks to application of in-house Fourier Transform (FT) infrared spectrometer.

HORIBA, a leading supplier for emission measurement and automotive test systems, launches MEXA-ONE-FT-CS, the smallest stationary FTIR analyzer available on the market. The Motor Exhaust Gas Analyzer will be available on the market for stationary Fourier Transformation systems. The MEXA-ONE-FT-CS with a 5 Hz sampling rate simultaneously measures concentrations of several components, including NH3, CH4, CO and CO2, in undiluted exhaust gas using the Fourier Transform Infrared (FTIR) method in combination with a multivariate analysis algorithm.

HORIBA’s MEXA-ONE-FT-CS ensures a highly dynamic response at a low flow rate due to its compact gas cell and fast data sampling. The small footprint and size of the system save test cell space and power consumption, reducing customers’ costs. Furthermore, it decreases downtime to a minimum as it is fully integrated into the highly adaptable, intelligent and intuitive operating HORIBA ONE Platform, which provides customers with complete system control and view over measurement results. MEXA-ONE-FT-CS offers advanced self-diagnostic monitoring functions and fully automated performance verification functions.

“Our new MEXA-ONE-FT-CS is HORIBA’s first Fourier Transformation system with 5 Hz for highly accurate and reliable measurement,” states Velizara Lilova, Product Engineer MEXA-ONE-FT-CS at HORIBA Europe GmbH. “We are deploying an in-house Fourier Transform infrared spectrometer developed from the ground up, which gives us full product sovereignty and underlines our years of experience in FTIR development and competence in engineering state-of-the-art technologies to support our customers around the globe".

The MEXA-ONE-FT-CS is compliant with the Euro VI (R49) regulation and the newest version of the Worldwide harmonized Light vehicles Test Procedure (WLTP) for NH3 measurement. Furthermore, MEXA-ONE-FT-CS is perfectly suitable for measurements in the R&D field, such as the development of after-treatment systems and alcohol-based fuelled engines.