ISLH 2024 Nantes - HORIBA Hematology Solutions Booth No. 108-109

- | Nantes, France - La Cité Nantes Congress Centre

XXXVIIth International Symposium on Technical Innovations in Laboratory Hematology


Beginning: 05/31/24

End: 06/01/24

Location: Nantes, France - La Cité Nantes Congress Centre

HORIBA Booth No. 108 - 109

HORIBA will exhibit at this year's International Symposium on Technical Innovations in Laboratory Hematology (ISLH), which will take place from May 31 until June 1 at La Cité Nantes Congress Centre in Nantes, France. Visit our booth and explore the latest scientific research and proven HORIBA's hematology solutions.

HORIBA will be pleased to introduce our latest solutions and studies performed around our solutions on its booth and during poster sessions.

Poster Sessions: 

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Thursday May 30

No. 292: Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration (MCHC) & hematocrit (HCT) evaluation: observational study on routinely processed blood samples using different analytical methods
Authors: Paulo Silva, Tânia Cardoso, Armindo Gonçalves, Anália Carmo, Nuno Silva, Clinical Pathology Department, ULS-Coimbra, Coimbra (Portugal)

Friday, May 31

No. 107: Multi-site whole blood correlation in-between Yumizen H1500/2500 with Sysmex XN-10 with manual microscopy for routine and immaturity parameters
Authors: Mathias CHEA1, Marion EVEILLARD2, Amin MOHAMMAD3, Eldad HOD4
1 Nîmes University Hospital (France), 2 Nantes University Hospital (France), 3 Baylor Scott & White Healthcare (USA), 4 Columbia University Irving Medical
Center (USA)

No. 111: Multi-site comparison of Yumizen H2500 Large Platelet Fraction quantified by optical extinction method with Sysmex XN Immature Platelet Fraction measured by fluorescence method
Authors: Marion EVEILLARD1, Mathias CHEA2, Eldad HOD3, Michelle HEGE4, Andrea TORRES4, Desrick J. PINKNEY4, Amin MOHAMMAD4
1 Nantes University hospital (France), 2 Nîmes University hospital (France), 3 Columbia University Irving Medical Center (USA), 4 Baylor Scott & White Healthcare (USA)

No. 139: The performance of the ESR parameter of the new Yumizen H500E analyser compared to the reference method (Mechatronics Inversa) and another 'Alternative' ESR measurement analyser (ALIFAX TEST 1)
Author: Raymond Toghill, UHW Cardiff, Department of Haematology (Wales)