HORIBA Announces New InverTau Fluorescence Lifetime Imaging Platform

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HORIBA is proud to announce the launch of InverTau™, a new platform for confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging.

Flexible laser scanning confocal platform simplifies FLIM Measurements

Piscataway, NJ June 18, 2024  HORIBA is proud to announce the launch of InverTau™, a new platform for confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging. InverTau extends the capability of conventional inverted microscopes by adding confocal high-speed laser scanning while seamlessly integrating all elements required for high performance FLIM: Pulsed diode lasers, single photon counting detectors, TCSPC electronics, and touchscreen UI software.  The award-winning FLIMera video rate FLIM camera can also be included to add widefield real time FLIM modalities.

InverTau is a fully software-controlled platform that mounts to the side port of an inverted fluorescence microscope to add fluorescence lifetime imaging (FLIM) capability. The system can be customized around any microscope or purchased as a complete system. A typical complete system includes:

  • InverTau confocal fluorescence lifetime imaging platform
  • Nikon® Ti2-U manual inverted fluorescence microscope
  • Computer, FiPho TCSPC electronics and EzTime Image software
  • HPPD-720 TCSPC detector 
  • DeltaDiode lasers from 375 to 595 nm are perfectly matched for use with this system
  • Optionally, the FLIMera widefield video rate FLIM camera for real time visualization and lifetime kinetics can also be added to combine laser scanning and widefield modalities on the same instrument

“We are excited to introduce this new laser scanning confocal FLIM system. InverTau is an excellent addition to our growing portfolio of instruments that service the life science markets,” said Cary Davies, global product line manager, fluorescence division, HORIBA.

Additionally, InverTau uniquely offers the ability to acquire real time FLIM dynamics at up to 30fps with the addition of HORIBA’s award winning FLIMera camera.”

“InverTau has been developed utilizing our core TCSPC technology and delivers high-quality, fully computer-controlled confocal FLIM images with our intuitive EzTime Image Software,” stated David McLoskey, managing director, TCSPC division, HORIBA Jobin Yvon IBH Ltd. “The platform will allow cell biologists to discover new mechanisms and solutions for human health,” McLoskey continued.

Fluorescence lifetime imaging provides more information about molecular interactions than is available with traditional fluorescence intensity images. EzTime Image is designed for use with a touchscreen monitor and enables complete control, data acquisition and analysis, while outputting fluorescence intensity images, FLIM images, phasor plots and regional average lifetime kinetics in real time during data acquisition.

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