HORIBA launches new compact hematology analyzers with combined ESR and CBC/Diff

Yumizen H550 range expands to affordably introduce new applications and configurable hematology options for small to mid-throughput laboratories


HORIBA, a global leader in analytical and measurement technology, has expanded its award-winning compact hematology instrument range with the launch of new models with Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) on board. The new Yumizen H550E (autoloader), H500E CT (closed tube), and Yumizen H500E OT (open tube) now offer combined testing for CBC/DIFF with ESR results from whole blood in 60 seconds, adding a comprehensive profile for inflammatory disease assessment to the instruments’ already extensive functionality.

Using its hematology expertise, HORIBA has developed the innovative “CoRA” (Correlated Rouleaux Analysis) technology to integrate ESR into its three new analyzers. Combining complete blood count (CBC) and 5-population white blood cell differential (DIFF) with rapid ESR, calibrated to the Westergren reference method, on one compact analyzer reduces costs per test and turnaround times, and saves laboratory space. This CoRA technology is patented by HORIBA.

Both the Yumizen H550E and H500E models have been further enhanced by offering new connectivity possibilities for data management through HORIBA’s Yumizen P8000 middleware, along with Yumicare. This remote technical support tool enables secure connection to the instrument to monitor workload, reagent consumption, quality control and instrument alarms.

During the Yumizen H550 range evolution, other key advancements have included i-DoubleDiff technologies to enhance speed of diagnoses:

-      “I” for Infectious screening: by using artificial intelligence, the analyzer can display score flags for infectious diseases such as Malaria and Dengue Fever, making it a crucial tool in both advanced and resource-limited healthcare settings.

-      “DoubleDiff”: Normal leucocyte count (Lymphocyte, Monocyte, Neutrophil, Eosinophil, Basophil) + Abnormal leucocyte count (IMG, IMM, IML, LIC, ALY). Requiring just two reagents, this increased analytical capability from 27 to 37 parameters, provides deeper insights and more comprehensive results with oncology capabilities. 

“Building on the global success of our previous Yumizen H550 range, we have designed the new analyzers to meet the increasing demand for affordable, robust, and highly capable hematology analyzers with connectivity that are suitable for any lab environment,” said Arnaud Pradel, President, HORIBA ABX SAS. “It is one instrument with endless possibilities; and the capabilities of our Yumizen H550 range continue to grow to meet even more clinical lab needs.”

Due to its advanced technologies, affordability, reliability and simplicity of use, the Yumizen H550 range offers extensive applications in a variety of clinical laboratory environments and clinical settings, including: critical care, oncology care, infectious disease care, blood banks, satellite laboratories and health centers.

For further information on the Yumizen H550E and Yumizen H500E, and HORIBA’s comprehensive range of hematology analyzers, please visit https://www.horiba.com/int/medical/products/hematology/ or contact webmaster.med@horiba.com.