HORIBA Technical Reports "Readout" No.58 is published

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This issue features "Analysis and Measurement Technologies that Contribute to the Development of Next Generation Semiconductor Devices". The continuing evolution of Semiconductor technologies has enabled the development of the digital society. Keys to further developments in faster information processing and increased calculation capacity include next generation 3D packaging technologies and the integration of 2D materials in integrated circuits. It includes papers of the 2023 Masao Horiba Awards winners, as well as HORIBA's technologies and initiatives that contribute to the development of the next generation of semiconductor devices. It is our hope that this journal will contribute to a wider understanding of various aspects of analytical technology.
We hope you enjoy reading it.

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*”Readout" is a technical information journal published by HORIBA.
The name of the journal, "Readout," expresses the hope that information on products and technologies created and nurtured by HORIBA will be widely disseminated and read.