EuroBrake 2023

- | Barcelona, Spain
|   Conference

EuroBrake 2023 (September 12-14) in Barcelona is the world's largest brake technology conference. Visit gold sponsor HORIBA at booth 80!


Beginning: 09/12/23

End: 09/14/23

Location: Barcelona, Spain

EuroBrake is an annual international conference and exhibition focused on braking technology and systems for the automotive and transportation industries. It serves as a platform for professionals, researchers, and industry leaders to gather and exchange knowledge, ideas, and innovations in the field of braking.

The event is organized by FISITA, the International Federation of Automotive Engineering Societies, in collaboration with the European Brake Committee (EBC). EuroBrake features a wide range of activities, including technical presentations, panel discussions, workshops, and an exhibition showcasing the latest advancements in braking technologies.

The conference covers various aspects of braking systems, including design, development, testing, manufacturing, materials, and regulations. It explores emerging trends and challenges in the industry, such as electric and autonomous vehicles, sustainability, advanced materials, and safety systems.

EuroBrake aims to foster collaboration between industry professionals, academics, and researchers, promoting networking opportunities and facilitating the exchange of ideas. It provides a platform for participants to learn about the latest research findings, industry best practices, and technological advancements in the field of braking.

The event attracts a diverse audience, including engineers, scientists, technicians, researchers, academics, and industry representatives from automotive manufacturers, suppliers, regulatory bodies, and research institutions. Participants have the opportunity to gain insights into the latest developments, engage in technical discussions, and establish valuable connections within the global braking community.

HORIBA is proud to be a Gold Sponsor for EuroBrake 2023.

Please visit us at booth 80.