Workshop: Discovering CoRA: Advanced Measurement Technology in Combined ESR and CBC Test

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Beginning: 07/24/24

End: 07/24/24


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About the workshop

HORIBA's patented CoRA technology enables combined testing for Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate (ESR) and Complete Blood Count (CBC), as applied to the newly launched analyzers, Yumizen H550E and Yumizen H500E. During the workshop, you will explore how this cutting-edge technology surpasses traditional methods enhancing diagnostic accuracy, and advanced features and applications of the Yumizen H550E and H500E analyzers.

Who should attend?

  • Laboratory hematologists, laboratory officers, or laboratory technicians looking for new hematology solutions or interested in new ESR + Hematology solutions
  • Scientists, engineers, or laboratory biologists willing to acquire knowledge of new ESR technology



Vivien Santacru, International Hematology, Product Manager, HORIBA
Guilhem Couderc, Technology Expert, Technology Development, HORIBA