Continuous Monitoring of Sulfide Off-Flavors in Beverage Production

In the beverage manufacturing process, the addition of external odor components and/or the changes in the balance of the flavors can generate odors called “off-flavors”, which degrade the quality of the product by impairing its taste.

In the case of beer, off-flavors can develop during the normal fermentation process but can also originate from impurities in carbon dioxide injected.

Hydrogen sulfide is generated during the fermentation process and is representative of problematic off-flavors. To minimize its generation in the manufacturing process, the selection of fermentation conditions and yeast strains are controlled.

Manual sampling for laboratory gas analysis using chromatography is generally used for the analysis of off-flavor species, but there is a need for quicker response to sulfide off-flavors for improved quality control.


​​​​​​Comments from quality control personnel of beverage maker and carbon dioxide gas suppliers 

  • Immediate feedback to the production line when detecting an impurity is required.
  • Current methods of sampling and analysis are time consuming.
  • Carbon dioxide, as a byproduct gas in factories, need to be controlled for impurities in order to  be utilized in carbonated beverages.
  • Cost reduction and quality improvement can be achieved by measuring carbon dioxide gas continuously on the production line.
  • Not only hydrogen sulfide, but there are other sulfides to be measured.

HORIBA's Solution

Sulfide Off-flavor Monitor is the Solution!

Gases associated with sulfide off-flavors can be measured as hydrogen sulfide with high sensitivity

  • Continuous measurement with high sensitivity 

    Highly sensitive measurement of sulfide off-flavors after oxidation in the analyzer (0-10 ppb).

    *Please contact us for sulfide off-flavors to be measured.

  • Automatic analyzer calibration to suit your operation

    On-site maintenance schedules can be set up in advance according to any desired date and time, allowing for efficient calibration.

  • Switching between multiple sampling points (Optional)

    Multiple sampling points can be switched for measurement.

Configuration Example

[High Sensitivity]  Sulfide Off-Flavor Monitor + Customization 

[High Sensitivity] Sulfide Off-Flavor Monitor


Carbon dioxide quality control along with off-flavors!

 Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) analyzer for beverages VA-5001R

 Carbon dioxide gas (CO2) analyzer for beverages VA-5001R  

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