Siloxane Monitoring for Contact Failure of Electrical Parts

Contributing to Cause Investigation of Electrical Parts’ Contact Failure to Improve Production Yields

Siloxanes have a number of excellent properties such as high lubricity, water repellency, and electrical insulation. Taking advantage of this, it is used in silicone rubber, oil, adhesives which are used inside electrical and mechanical products, personal care products such as shampoos and conditioners, and various other medical supplies and daily necessities.

Although siloxane has excellent properties, it can cause problems.

Contact parts such as relays and motors, used in automobiles, electrical and mechanical products, may cause contact failure if siloxane, volatilized from the silicone materials, adheres to the surface of parts.

Voices of Electrical Equipment’s Designers and QC Departments

Need to Measure and Confirm the Effect of Volatilized Siloxane

  • Want to know the effect on parts with electrical contacts
  • Want to investigate the cause of contact failure and evaluate prevention measures

HORIBA's Solution

Siloxane Analyzer Solves the Problems

  High Sensitivity and Real-Time Measurement

 ● Available on Demand for Cyclic Siloxanes  (D4, D5, etc.)

Siloxane Analyzer VA-5000

Features of Siloxane Analyzer

  • Continuous Measurement of Siloxane with High Sensitivity

Provides  stable real-time measurement with high sensitivity (0-50 ppm).

  • On Demand Customized to the Requested Cyclic Siloxane Type

There are various types of low molecular cyclic siloxanes such as D4, D5, etc. We provide analyzers customized according to the siloxane type you want to measure.
*Please contact us for details



On Demand Customized to the Requested Cyclic Siloxane Type

Application Example

Concentration monitoring of siloxane in siloxane durability tests and simulation tests of contact parts such as relays and motors

Siloxane Analyzer continuously and with high sensitivity measures the siloxane concentration during R&D and investigation, such as the siloxane durability tests and the simulation tests of contact failure due to siloxane adhesion.

General process until contact failure

General process until contact failure

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