TAPPS is a complete pump/probe transient absorption system designed to assist scientists in understanding the deactivation dynamics of excited states. Applications of this spectroscopic technique extend from the fundamental studies of energy and electron transfer processes in physics, chemistry and biology to the design of logic gates in molecular electronics.

Segment: Scientific
  • All-in-one box set-up for measuring transient absorption
  • Compact version optimized for ease-of-use
  • UV pump (CPA w/ SHG, THG) for highest compactness
  • Probe wavelength coverage: 450 - 900 nm from Sapphire White Light Continuum
  • Standard temporal window 1.6 ns
  • 200 fs temporal resolution
  • Chirp compensation
  • Provides full 3D data set in 30 minutes
  • Repetition rate: optimized for the kHz performance from a CPA-21xx system from Clark-MXR
  • Standard detection sensitivity: 2 x 10-4
  • Option with reference channel

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