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Surface Characterization

Surface characterization instruments measure physical, mechanical and chemical parameters of an interface such as thin films and coatings. These instruments are used to measure optical properties, film thickness, composition, morphology and other parameters related to surface analysis.

HORIBA provides a wide range of surface characterization instruments including:


These instruments are used over a broad range of market such as:

  • Material Sciences for nanomaterials, graphene, quantum dots
  • Semiconductor for display technology, light emitting diodes, data storage
  • Energy for battery, photovoltaics cells

Spectroscopic Ellipsometers

Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometers

Plasma Profiling Time-Of-Flight Mass Spectrometers



Atomic Force Microscopes

Raman Spectrometers

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more Auto SE

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Simple Thin Film Measurement

more CombiScope

AFM and inverted light microscopy

more GD-Profiler 2™

Discover a Whole New World of Information with Glow Discharge Optical Emission Spectrometer

more HE Spectrograph

High efficiency dedicated process Raman spectrometer for rugged and robust Raman monitoring.

more LabRAM HR Evolution

Confocal Raman Microscope

more LabRAM Nano

AFM-Raman for physical and chemical imaging

more LabRAM Odyssey

Best-in-class Raman Imaging & High Resolution Spectrometer

more LabRAM Soleil

Raman Microscope

more LabRAM Soleil Nano

Real-time and Direct Correlative Nanoscopy

more MacroRAM™

Affordable Benchtop Raman Spectrometer

more OmegaScope

The AFM optical platform

more Plasma Profiling TOFMS

Ultra-Fast, Sensitive and High Resolution Depth Profiling technique

more ProteusQ

Scanning NV Magnetometry

more Raman Fiber Probes

Raman Spectrometers

more Smart SE

Powerful and Cost Effective Spectroscopic Ellipsometer

more SmartSPM

Advanced stand-alone AFM

more Spectroscopic Ellipsometer - In-Line

In-Line Spectroscopic Ellipsometer for Web Coater and Roll to Roll Systems

more TRIOS

Versatile AFM Optical Coupling

more UV Raman Spectrometer

for UV Raman spectroscopists


A versatile spectroscopic ellipsometer covering a large range from VUV to NIR

more UVISEL Plus

Spectroscopic Ellipsometer from FUV to NIR: 190 to 2100 nm

more UVISEL Plus In-Situ

In-situ spectroscopic ellipsometer for real-time thin film monitoring

more XploRA INV

Inverted Raman Microscope

more XploRA Nano

AFM-Raman for Physical and Chemical imaging

more XploRA™ PLUS

Raman Spectrometer - Confocal Raman Microscope