Elemental Analyzers

Automation Options for the EMIA/EMGA Series Elemental Analyzers

Guarantees the accuracy of measurement results and avoids physical strain on operators

Maximized accuracy and reproducibility

  • Minimizes human errors and ambient dust contamination, resulting in precise and consistent results.
  • Eliminates fluctuations in furnace temperature and timing of crucible setting for improved analytical result reproducibility.


Enhanced safety

  • During the measurement, the furnace, reaching temperatures of several hundred degrees, requires opening and closing for crucible insertion and removal. By reducing manual handling around the furnace, it minimizes the risk of contact with the hot components.


Improved productivity while reducing operator burden

  • It facilitates more efficient operation and sample handling, resulting in reduced processing time and increased sample throughput.
  • By automating repetitive tasks and time-consuming operations or maintenance, operators can focus more effectively on their work.

The available automation options vary depending on the lineup.

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EMIA Series 

 Results consistencySafetyMaintenanceUnattended operationAutomation level 
EMIA with Auto Sampler++++++

Auto Sampler for sample

EMIA with Auto Sampler and Accelerator feeder++++++++

Auto Sampler for sample and accelerator

Video: The Auto Sampler for the EMIA Series

EMGA Series 

 Results consistencySafetyMaintenanceUnattended operation*Automation level 
EMGA with Auto Cleaner+++-

Auto Cleaner

EMGA with Auto Cleaner and Auto Sampler+++++++

- Auto Cleaner
- Crucible loader
- Auto Sampler for sample and flux

* After setting samples

Video: The Auto Sampler for the EMGA Series

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