Raman Universe - a Perfect Guide to Stellar Research

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nano@stanford/NNCI and HORIBA Scientific present:

Raman Universe - a Perfect Guide to Stellar Research

Short course on Raman Spectroscopy


Beginning: 03/16/21

Location: Online

The Stanford Nano Shared Facility and HORIBA Scientific are proud to sponsor the first virtual nano@stanford Raman workshop. The event will take place over a period of six weeks, with two hour sessions being broadcast live on Zoom starting from March 16th on Tuesday at 10:00am Pacific Time.

The basics of applied Raman spectroscopy and imaging will be taught with a special focus on the field of 2D materials, including at the nanometer scale.

The instructors, David Tuschel, Raman Applications Scientist, and Andrey Krayev, HORIBA’s US AFM-Raman Product Manager, will teach Raman spectroscopy and imaging at the introductory to intermediate level, and cover those topics which will allow the student to practically apply the material learned in the laboratory, workplace and classroom.

March 16th — Raman Spectroscopy: Fundamentals, Applications and Instrumentation

March 23rd — Raman Imaging: Visualizing the Spatial Variation of Chemical Bonding and Solid State Structure

March 30th — Raman Crystallography: Applying Raman Polarization Selection Rules in Theory and Practice

April 6th — Raman and PL at the nanoscale- why it really matters for the 2D materials

April 20th — Raman Topics chosen by Attendees:

  • Solid state structure: Crystalline, amorphous, microcrystalline and nanocrystalline
  • Polarized Raman
  • Photoluminescence spectroscopy using a Raman spectrometer
  • Stress and strain