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Lab Research

HORIBA provide a comprehensive range of analytical measurements for the semiconductor industry.

These measurements include:

  • Mechanical stress introduced both intentionally (epitaxial layers) and unintentionally (around microstructures) using Raman spectroscopy
  • Carrier lifetimes from photoluminescence lifetime measurements
  • Film thickness, quality and composition using spectroscopic ellipsometry and glow discharge spectroscopy
  • Metal plating thickness characterisation by x-ray fluorescence imaging
  • CMP slurry particle size measurement using both laser and dynamic light scattering
  • Defect analysis using both cathodoluminescence and photoluminescence (PL) mapping with sub-micron resolution
  • Whole wafer PL mapping also provides critical information for the analysis compound semiconductor wafer processing steps.
  • XGT-9000SL can analyze large 12-inch wafers as shown in the video below.

    the video "XGT-9000SL"


For cutting edge 2D materials research tip enhanced Raman and photoluminescence (TERS, TEPL) provides information on crystallinity, defects and topography with 10nm spatial resolution.

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