HORIBA Tocadero Official Website Launches

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HORIBA Tocadero GmbH (hereinafter, “HORIBA Tocadero”) in Germany launched its official website as of March 2020.
The global community currently faces many difficulties in relation to a scarce, valuable resource, water. A proud member of the HORIBA Group since September 2019, HORIBA Tocadero will tackle those challenges and offer updates on the new website.

HORIBA Tocadero, with specialists in state-of-the-art water analysis, got its venture business off the ground about a year ago in Adlershof, a locality in the southeast of Berlin where has been developed as a technology hub. This startup spearheads R&D of analytic and measurement equipment, which incorporate such cutting-edge technologies as predictive maintenance for preventing product failure, augmented reality (AR), and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). By leveraging the HORIBA Group’s vast array of analytic and measurement technologies and global networks, HORIBA Tocadero will contribute to accelerate the expansion of HORIBA’s water analysis business.