The range of modular Raman spectrometers from HORIBA Scientific allows the user to build a Raman experiment from the ground up and to undertake high performance Raman spectroscopy at a price to fit most budgets.

The rugged fiber coupled HE spectrometer is fully optimized for high throughput QC and process Raman analysis.

Customized solutions are also possible, including adaptation for specific processes such as the Eluxyl simulated countercurrent adsorption process for para-Xylene production.

Modular Raman Spectometers and Detectors

Modular Raman Spectometers and Detectors

A range of spectrometers and detectors for integrating into your own Raman experiment, with performance to suit all requirements.

HE Raman Process Analyzer

High throughput compact rugged spectrograph, suitable for dedicated Raman analysis and portable applications. Available rack mounted for industrial settings.

Immersion Pro Probe

A range of fiber optic coupled Raman probe heads for remote analysis. Suitable for immersion and high temperature/pressure conditions.

Fiber Microscope

A true confocal fiber optic coupled microscope for existing modular experiments, and ideally suited for microscopy in dedicated areas (e.g., fume hoods and glove boxes).