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The MultiWell module offers an easy interface for high throughput screening using traditional well plates, microtitre plates and other regularly arrayed sampling devices.

MultiWell module

The module can be used to work with a variety of different plates,, including standard 96 and 384 well plates. There is an intuitive wizard allowing users to quickly configure the software to work with plates of any shape and size.* The configuration can include the use of reference markers, allowing plates to be returned loaded and unloaded with accurate repositioning to compensate for shift, rotation and/or tilt of the plate.

Multiwell Schematic Extract

After a fast alignment procedure for the plate, data can be acquired using the full capabilities of the Raman spectrometer, returning either a single spectrum from each well, or an average from 9 or 25 points across the well.

The data is now available for full processing and analysis using the advanced capabilities of LabSpec 6, including peak fitting, baseline correction, univariate cursor analysis and multivariate analysis methods.

The MultiWell module provides an efficient tool for high throughput screening, benefitting from the unique advantages of chemical identification offered with HORIBA’s high performance Raman spectrometers. It is compatible with any system running LabSpec 6, equipped with a motorized XY sample stage.

* The maximum workable plate size depends on the available travel range of the supplied motorized XY stage.