Our commitment to social responsibility (CSR)

HORIBA Medical's CSR approach is at the heart of the sustainable relationships established with all its stakeholders.

HORIBA Medical CSR commitments - sharing our values and commitments with you!


CSR 1: Be an ethical player in the global health economy

For HORIBA Medical, being an ethical player in the global economy means taking action and making a commitment to improve the world.

CSR 2: Encourage/foster the development and commitment of all our employees

With a motto that sounds like a true philosophy of life - “Joy and Fun” - HORIBA Medical is committed to building a caring and stimulating work environment for its employees.

CSR 3: Be a responsible player in the energy and ecological transition

Preserving the environment is no longer an option. Many actions are taken to minimize the impact of our activities and products.



QHSE Policy


Our policy in Management, Quality, Healthy & Safety, Environment, Economic, certifications which our headquarters HORIBA ABX SAS acquired.

Anti-corruption code of conduct


HORIBA ABX SAS pursuant to Article 17 of the French law of December 9, 2016, known as the "Sapin 2 law", is developing aspecific compliance programme for preventing and detecting corruption, of which this Anti-corruption code of conduct forms an integral part.

제품 문의

HORIBA제품의 자세한 정보를 원하시면, 아래의 양식에 내용을 입력을 부탁드립니다.