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The Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS) is a facility to measure flow, dust, concentration of air pollutants (such as SO2, NOx, CO etc), and other parameters according to requirements. Required parameters depend on the type of stationary source.


Required parameters by law are measured continuously at a stack and reported to the government by the Continuous Emission Monitoring System (CEMS). De-NOx process (SCR) needs to monitor NOx and NH3, and De-SOx (FGD) process needs to monitor SO2 to optimize the process operation.

Continuous Emission Monitoring System


HORIBA has been supplying stack gas analyzers for more than 50 years and have invented several analyzer technologies and sampling systems. HORIBA has supplied more than 100,000 units so far around the world and has the largest market share in Japan for power applications. We can supply systems that comply with regulations in various regions such as Europe, US, China and Korea with our wealth of knowledge and experience.

ENDA-5000 Series
ENDA-5000 Series

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PG-300 시리즈
PG-300 시리즈

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