Monochromator gratings - Type IV

OEM gratings design and production capabilities

HORIBA Scientific produces a wide range of holographic master gratings from which high precision replicas are manufactured.
Using Type IV aberration-corrected monochromator gratings, a single concave grating disperses, collimates, and refocuses the light from the entrance slit onto the exit slit. Wavelength scanning is obtained through a simple rotation of the grating.
The groove spacing of these gratings is computer-optimized to produce high quality images with a minimum of astigmatism and coma, even at large numerical apertures. Compared with Czerny-Turner monochromators (equipped with one plane grating, one collimating mirror and one focusing mirror), Type IV aberration-corrected monochromator gratings provide much better light collection efficiency and signal-to-noise ratio.

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Segment: Scientific
Manufacturing Company: HORIBA France SAS
  • Replica gratings from aberration corrected master gratings
  • Holographic Master can be blazed by Ion-beam etching method for higher efficiency
  • Ideal for robust, compact and low stray light monochromators
  • Several references available some (not all are listed in the catalogue)
  • Large range of dispersion available
  • Multiple spectral range from UV to IR
  • Coating: Al or gold.

Fig. 1: Monochromator concave grating
LA: distance between the grating and the entrance slit
LB: distance between the grating and the exit slit
D: deviation angle
F/#: optical aperture

HORIBA Scientific also provides a wide range of products using these gratings: Spectrometers and Hyperspectral Cameras.

Fig. 2: Imaging Scanning Monochromator

Product Management and Quality

  • ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified
  • Unique traceability with laser marking
  • State-of-the-art metrology 
  • ITAR free products
  • Clean room storage of master gratings
  • RoHS / REACH compliant products

Customer Oriented and Confidentiality

  • Full confidentiality with mutual NDA
  • Blanket orders for large annual quantities
  • Long term relationship with co-designing
  • Three production facilities
  • Spectral ranges: from 190 to 10,000 nm
  • Large range of groove densities: from 100 to 2000 gr/mm
  • Diffraction efficiency optimized for UV, or Vis, or NIR
  • Radius of curvature : from 100 to 1232 mm
  • Dimensions : from 25 x 25 mm
    For customers in need of larger dimensions, HJY can record a custom-made holographic grating master specifically for replication.

Fig. 3: Typical efficiency curve* for 532 00, 1200 l/mm, 190-1050 nm

*This efficiency curve is absolute theoretical efficiency, calculated using rigorous electromagnetic theory, taking into account the true groove profiles of manufactured gratings measured with an atomic force microscope (AFM).

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