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Benchtop DO/BOD/Temperature Meter


Benchtop pH/ORP/Ion/DO/BOD/Temperature Meter

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Handheld pH/ORP/Temperature Meter

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Glass Electrode 1076A-10C
Glass Electrode 1076A-10C

For measurement of low-conductivity water and non-aqueous solvents.


This software can load measured data from pH Meters, F-70 series, Conductivity Meters, DS-70 series, and Portable pH/Water Quality Meters D-70/ES-70/OM-70 series into your PC and save the data in MSD format or BME format or CSV format. Files of MSD format and BME format are the binary files that only open by this software.

System component




F-71/72/73/74/74BW, DS-71/72, D-72/73/74/75, ES-71, OM-71


Refer to "2.4 Necessary PC environment and recommended PC environment"

Serial cable

Optional for Meter(Part No. 3014030151)

USB cable

Optional for Meter(Part No. 3200373941)

Communication method

Serial and USB communication
By connecting cable, real-time measurement (reger to "8 Measurement Mode") are enabled as well as the data memorized in the Meter can be acquired by PC (refer to "9 Memory data Mode")


  • The serial communication and the USB communication cannot be used at the same time.
  • The following models can use only serial communication.
    • D-70 series,  ES-71, OM-71


Necessary PC environment and recommended PC environment

The following shows the necessary PC environment and recommended PC environment for this software.
Necessary PC environment: The following PC environment is necessary to use this software.
Recommended PC environment: The following PC environment is recommended to use this software comfortably.


Necessary PC environment

Recommended PC environment


32 bit: 1 GB or more
64 bit: 2 GB or more


1 GHz or more

Free space of HDD

5 GB or more

10 GB or more


Windows 7, Windows 8 (8.1), and Windows 10


SUPER VGA (800×600) or more


Serial connector (D-SUB 9 pin)

USB connector

When this software is used in the condition in which memory or the free space of hard disk is in short, the software may freeze during use and the data cannot be saved.

FD-70(E) instruction manual

Data Collection Software FD-70 Instruction Manual(GZ0000276836D) 0.9MB

Data Collection Software FD-70

For U-50 Series

Please download all attached files, and install the software (section 3.1 of the manual) and drivers (section 3.2 of the manual).

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